About the library

The Ráday Collection of the Danubian District of the Hungarian Reformed Church contains three departments: Library, Archive and Museum. All the departments preserve museal documents and works – besides their current material (modern books, manuscripts, periodicals, temporary exhibitions). The Ráday Library is the greatest part of the Ráday Collection and it's a public library. The library stock counts over 150.000 items.

Special collections of the Ráday Library:
  • Ráday Museal Library, Hungarica (before 1711, before 1850)
  • Kálmán Benda Library (a former privat library of history)
  • Periodicals
  • Manuscripts

Fields of collection: theology and social sciences (humaniora), including the classical belles–lettres; literature of transborder Hungarians.


1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 28.
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Monday: 9-17
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Saturday: 9-13


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